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Strengths ConsultancyStrengths Consultancy transforms the workplace. We break with traditional management and help organizations, teams and individuals make the change through our strengths-based approach. We focus on what’s strong to unleash the true potential.  Whether your organization wants to invest in culture, leadership, talent management or team dynamics, better performance starts with a strengths-based culture. We use the CliftonStrengths assessment – formerly Strengthsfinder – to help people thrive at work and everywhere else. 

Discovery, appreciation and understanding for what makes people uniquely powerful within the team or organization, that’s what we bring to the table. Not only does the strengths-based approach build trust and understanding. It leads to increased productivity & sales, higher employee engagement and lower attrition. Teams that use their strengths simply perform better. 

CliftonStrengths, formerly known as strengthsfinder, is a performance assessment that unlocks talent DNA. With personalized reports you’ll learn how to use your talent DNA to be successful at work and everywhere else.  It explains the unique ways you accomplish your goals, by executing plans, building relationships, influencing others & thinking strategically. Knowing your Strengths empowers you to perform better by doing more of what you naturally do best. 

Learn more about what CliftonStrengths/ Strengthsfinder is, how it works and who it could be interesting for.

‘If you want to be successful, study success’
– Gallup Strengthscenter – CliftonStrengths

Strengthsfinder Leadership Trajectory

Do you want to be the best leader you can be and inspire your team to be the best version of themselves as well?

In this trajectory we’ll focus on the strengths of your leadership and we’ll teach you how to invest in your team members strengths. Because when you have people in roles that fit their talents, their energy and passion can fuel great performance. The impact of working with strengths is profound. Managers who lead strengths-based have up to 61% engaged team members against 2% of traditional managers.*

Strengthsfinder Team Trajectory

Do you want to improve teamwork, focus on team dynamics and improve collaboration?

With the team trajectory you build a strong foundation for a high performing team. Differences become advantages because the different talents and domains give people a common language and vocabulary they can use to better describe, communicate with and understand each other. Teams that work strengths-based are up to 12,5% more productive and up to 8,9% more profitable.*

Strengthsfinder Incompany Traineeship

Do you want to attract & retain top talent? And offer your star talents the opportunity to invest in their personal development in a fast and super effective way?

Unleash your superpower!
This incompany traineeship is developed for personal growth and acceleration of young professionals that are eager to take their career to the next level within your organization. With this intense traineeship, we’ll go through different modules to unleash each participants superpower.

*Read more about the scientific foundation of these numbers on the website from Gallup

Strengths Consultancy offers a customized solution to your request

Teams en organizations appear in all kinds of shapes and forms. Not one team or organization faces exactly the same problems or challenges. Therefore we’d like to invest in a customized answer to your specific request. 

Would you like to know how we can best assist you, your (leadership)team, or your organization? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation

Strengthsfinder CliftonStrengths

– Gallup Strengthscenter – CliftonStrengths

"Eline has caused a true strengths-based revolution inside and outside our organization!

After limited successes with other approaches (MBTI for instance), we directly fell in love with the power of CliftonStrengths and the strengths-based way of working. Without any exceptions, Eline made sure this way of working got fully implemented & adopted by all teams within Guidion. From servicedesk teams to the leadership team.

It’s very applicable, real and empowering. On individual, team and organizational level. Strengths-based working has become part of our companies culture & DNA. It’s become part of our success story when we talk about Guidion.

Personally I’ve gained much self-awareness by looking at my strengths and it really helped me develop personally as well as professionally. Strengths have provided me with guidance and clarity through important (career) decisions and it has simply made me a happier person. I can highly recommend Eline & Strengths Consultancy for every organization.”
Mike Out
Chief Product & Innovation Officer
"Strengths-based working really helps me manage my team effectively.

I am more aware of what individuals in my team need and why they respond the way they do in certain situations. It helps me empower my team members to use their individual strengths both most certainly also to gain efficiency in their collaboration. Moreover, I use strengths to anticipate on the future, ‘what kind of strengths could I add to this team to help them become even better?

I love working with Eline, she’s so good in reading people based on their unique strengths and provides you with useful tips & tricks to aim and invest in your strengths and to manage your weaknesses.

I’ve truly witnessed people grow after a conversation with Strengths Consultancy"
Florentine Klapwijk
Teamleider Sales Support

We are Eva & Eline.

We believe investing in what makes you uniquely powerful, is the true key to happiness & success in life.

We are on a mission to help as many people and organizations as possible to focus on what’s strong with them instead of only focusing on what’s wrong. We absolutely love using CliftonStrengths/ Strengthsfinder to provide the shift to a strengths-based way of working to help people unleash their true potential. Because not only does it lead to greater performance, it makes people feel happy and engaged. 

We’ve paired up our unique strengths founding Strengths Consultancy. 

Learn more about us & our unique strengths and feel free to contact us!


"It was very valuable to discover and broaden the insight in my unique strengths with Eva from Strengths Consultancy!

Eva has deepened the understanding of my strengths and potential pitfalls and because of that I now know how to manage and aim my unique qualities. She was able to quickly link strengths to my daily practice, so we discovered how I use my strengths in my daily job. It has been of absolute value for my personal development to learn more about my strengths and how I can use this to grow. The session was like a puzzle where pieces were coming together. I am sure that a lot of the gained insights from this session will help me in the future.

I’ve never experienced anything like this after making a personal development test!"
Laura Wetser
Management Consultant
ABN Amro
"Strengths-based working is all about building your foundation on strengths and trust in each other.

Within our team, we’ve gained awareness on our own and our team members strengths and we’ve learned to productively aim them! Instead of attrition, we’ve made space for understanding and appreciation by focussing on our strengths!

It boosts engagement and happiness at work and it makes us collaborate more effectively & efficiently."
Sabine Wismeijer
Facilitair Manager
"My individual trajectory with Eva was very clarifying and positive! I really enjoyed discussing my strengths with her. She encouraged me In an informal but professional way to utilize my strengths even more in my daily life.

What I loved about Eva is her empathy and non judgementalism. It made me feel comfortable and open for new insights. She has a nice way of structuring the conversation and makes sure you take ownership and action.

In short; a very nice, clarifying and above all; positive conversation!"
Mia Djuretic
Business Developer
ABN Amro

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