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The Strengthsfinder Team Trajectory

Discover how to transform great potential into greater performance. Lead your team to greatness with this Strengthsfinder Team trajectory. 

The pressure to perform is real, the world revolves around results. Chances are good your team consists of people that work hard every day to realize certain performance outcomes. But how do they become greater than the sum of their parts? How can they maximize team potential using their individual strengths? 

Within this trajectory we create useful insights, understanding & appreciation for the strengths of all team members. It’s a deepdive into different qualities, strengths, collaboration, team dynamics & contrasts between team members. People will learn how their own unique strengths add value to the team, how powerful partnerships within the team can accelerate performance and how they can work better together. 

Differences become advantages because the different talents and domains give people a common language and vocabulary they can use to better describe, communicate with and understand each other. Learning how to collaborate strengths-based in this Strengthsfinder Team Trajectory, will help directly aim strengths of different team members towards desired performance outcomes. People will learn how to apply this to their daily tasks & collaboration so they will become greater than the sum of their parts. 

Teams that work strengths-based find their work more enjoyable, are up to 12,5% more productive and up to 8,9% more profitable*.

*Read more about the scientific foundation of these numbers on

The process is as follows:
Strengthsfinder Team trajectory

1. Introduction Strengths-based way of working

First things first. In this interactive introduction, we’ll introduce ourselves, our strengths-based approach and the theory behind working strengths-based, engagement-focused & performance-orientated. We’ll emphasize the potential gains and make sure everyone is excited to take part in the team trajectory. We leave no questions unanswered, and explain what the trajectory entails. 

2. Complete CliftonStrengths / Strengthsfinder online

We provide every participant with an access code to take the online CliftonsStrengths assessment. Participants choose a time and place that best suits their personal agenda to complete the (approximately 45 minutes long) assessment. CliftonStrengths measures their unique talents and ranks them in the 34 talent themes, creating personalized reports on the outcome. Chances of the same outcome are roughly 1 in 33 million for top 5. Therefore it’s safe to say people are not being categorized.

3. Individual Strengthsession

In a 1,5 – 2 hour individual session with each team member, we’ll have an in-depth conversation about their unique strengths profiles. Guiding them through the personalized reports & providing key takeaways about what makes them uniquely powerful. We’ll translate these results to the daily challenges they face, in order to provide insights on how to exactly aim their strengths to specific goals. Understanding your own strengths is a crucial first step in strengths-based collaboration. 

4. Strengths-based collaboration - Teamsession

In this full day interactive and positive training, team members will learn and appreciate more about their own, their colleagues and the team’s strengths. We boost collaboration by zooming in on team dynamics, possible pitfalls to take into consideration and powerful pairs within the team. 

From this moment forward, the team has practical, actionable points and knows how to utilize their strengths on a daily basis. They’ve build the perfect foundation for high performance because individuals know how to complement each other.

5. Follow-up

In order to guarantee a good assurance of the strengths-based knowledge & experience gained in your team, we offer different kinds of follow-up tailored to your specific needs. We highly value a good follow-up, because it ensures the transformation to truly working strengths-based. 
Examples of different services for good assurance of the strengths-based way of working are: 

  • Individual coaching// consultancy 
  • Training an internal ambassador of the strengths-based approach. 
  • Strengthsfinder Leadership Trajectory
  • Recap // Follow up // Intervision – team sessions on the strengths-based way of working. Full day or only morning/ afternoon. 
"I have been lucky enough to attend a workshop on CliftonStrenghts animated by Strengths Consultancy, where I learned a lot about myself.

Discovering the results of my test was like reading a book about my own personality, and attending afterwards the workshop was a great opportunity to understand how to use my strengths in the best way. I feel a lot more self-confident as well after this session. I will definitely not forget this day! Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into this session.

I would definitely recommend Strengths Consultancy to all companies wishing to unveil the full potential of their teams!
Strengthsfinder Team
Clara Duhalde
Senior HR Business Specialist South Europe - Under Armour


The investment for this Strengthsfinder Team Trajectory is dependent on the need, the scale of the company and the duration on the trajectory. We would love to make a customized offer that matches your needs.