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The Strengthsfinder Leadership Trajectory

Discover what it entails to truly lead strengths-based in this Strengthsfinder Leadership Trajectory. How can you invest efficiently in human potential? How can you tailor leadership to the individual needs of different people in team(s)? The modern workplace expects and demands that managers act less like a traditional boss and more like a transformational coach. This can be quite a challenge, as no individual demands the same approach.
In this trajectory we’ll focus on the strengths (and potential pitfalls) of leadership and we’ll teach leaders how to invest in team members strengths. Because when you have people in roles that fit their talents, their energy and passion can fuel great performance.  

Learn how to manage effectively, create and sustain high performance – with each team member and your team as a whole. The impact of working with strengths is profound. Managers who lead strengths-based have up to 61% engaged team members against 2% of traditional managers*. 

*Read more about the scientific foundation of these numbers on

The process is as follows:
Strengthsfinder Leadership trajectory

1. Introduction Strengths-based way of working

First things first. In this interactive introduction, we’ll introduce ourselves, our strengths-based approach and the theory behind working strengths-based, engagement-focused & performance-orientated. We’ll emphasize the potential gains and make sure everyone is excited to take part in the leadership trajectory. We leave no questions unanswered and explain what the trajectory entails. 

2. Completing the CliftonStrengths / Strengthsfinder online 

We provide every participant with an access code to take the online CliftonsStrengths assessment. Participants choose a time and place that best suits their personal agenda to complete the (approximately 45 minutes long) assessment. CliftonStrengths measures their unique talents and ranks them in the 34 talent themes, creating personalized reports on the outcome. Chances of the same outcome are roughly 1 in 33 million for top 5. Therefore it’s safe to say people are not being categorized. 

3. Individual Leadership Strengthsessions with managers

In a 1,5 – 2 hour individual session with each participant we’ll have an in-depth conversation about their unique strengths profiles. Guiding them through the personalized reports & providing key takeaways about what makes their leadership uniquely powerful. We’ll translate these results to the daily challenges they face, in order to provide insights on how to exactly aim their strengths to specific goals. Understanding your own strengths is a crucial first step in strengths-based leadership.

4. Strengths-based Leadership Course

In this half day course we are going to zoom in on the different management styles leaders could use to manage, empower and maximize the strengths of all the different team members. They’ll learn how to individualize their management approach based on their own strengths and those of the team members. 

This course teaches them how to build trusting relationships with employees and their team, understand employees needs and provide meaningful feedback. They’ll basically get a thorough and in-depth understanding of the practical do’s & don’ts when it comes to managing different strengths. With strengths-based leadership, you build the foundation for high-performing teams in which individuals know how to complement each other.

5. Follow-up

In order to guarantee a good assurance of the strengths-based knowledge & experience gained in your organization, we offer different kinds of follow-up tailored to your specific needs.

We highly value a good follow-up, because it ensures the transformation to truly working strengths-based. 
Examples of different services for good assurance of the strengths-based way of working are: 

  • Individual coaching or consultancy 
  • Training an internal ambassador of the strengths-based approach.
  • Strengthsfinder Team Trajectory
  • Recap // Follow up // Intervision – group meetings on the strengths-based way of working. Full day or only morning/ afternoon.
"Strengths-based working really helps me manage my team effectively.

I am more aware of what individuals in my team need and why they respond the way they do in certain situations. It helps me empower my team members to use their individual strengths both most certainly also to gain efficiency in their collaboration. Moreover, I use strengths to anticipate on the future, ‘what kind of strengths could I add to this team to help them become even better?

I love working with Eline, she’s so good in reading people based on their unique strengths and provides you with useful tips & tricks to aim and invest in your strengths and to manage your weaknesses. I’ve truly witnessed people grow after a conversation with Strengths Consultancy.
Florentine Klapwijk
Teamleider Sales Support


The investment is dependent on the need, the scale of the company and the duration of the trajectory. We would love to make a customized offer for you that completely matches your need!