Incompany Traineeship

Unleash your Superpower

Do you want to attract & retain top talent? Do you want to offer your star talents the opportunity to invest in their personal development in a fast and super effective way? This incompany traineeship is developed for personal growth and acceleration of young professionals eager to take their career to the next level within your organization. 

With this intense traineeship, we’ll go through different modules to unleash each participants superpower. CliftonStrengths/ Strengthsfinder can be seen as the red thread throughout the program. Participants will gain self-awareness and broaden understanding on their personal effectiveness, interaction with others, their mission & purpose, limiting beliefs etc. through a set of valuable, proven theories and models. We emphasize how everything relates to their strengths to ensure a deep understanding and applicable performance gains.

After participating in this traineeship, your top talent is more then ready to bring their performance and their career to the next level. 

This traineeship entails multiple intense 2-day-offsites. After each part, participants go home with new found self-awareness, knowledge and actionable points they can immediately apply in their daily jobs. As a result, your top talent will exactly know how to maximize their potential & how to aim their purpose at greater performance. 

By offering this incompany traineeship, you’ve found an excellent way to attract and retain star talent to your organization. 

For who?

This traineeship is specifically developed for fast growing companies that want to attract and retain star talents. The program is designed for starters & young professionals that are eager to learn and grow. Top talents, or high potentials that want to invest in their strengths & explore their true potential. They are highly engaged professionals looking for opportunities to boost their careers with approximately 0- 3 years of experience. Eager to unleash their superpower. 

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