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Strengthsfinder Organizational Trajectory

Better performance starts with a strengths-based workplace culture.  The world’s best companies embed the strengths-based approach throughout their culture so they can win for years to come. Because when you get the best out of your people, you get the best out of your business. 

Help your people identify and develop their strengths, so they can maximize their true potential. Embedding this approach enables you to build high-performing engaged teams that are surrounded by managers who coach them to bring out their best. No wonder 90% of fortune 500 companies work with Strengths. It leads to increased productivity & sales, higher employee engagement and lower attrition. 

The Strengthsfinder Organizational Trajectory entails multiple modules:
Strengths Consultancy

1. Introduction 'Strengths-based' working

First things first. In this interactive introduction, we’ll introduce ourselves, our strengths-based approach and the theory behind working strengths-based, engagement-focused & performance-orientated. We’ll emphasize the potential gains and make sure everyone is excited! We leave no questions unanswered and explain what the trajectory entails. 

2. “Strengths-based collaboration” - Team trajectories

Every team will be going through a Strengths-based collaboration team trajectory. This means every team member takes the Strengthsfinder assessment from Gallup to identify their strengths. After getting the results, they’ll get an individual Strengthsession to make sure they are able to name, claim & aim their own strengths at better performance. This creates a strong base for a teamsession in which we provide a deepdive into different, strengths, collaboration, team dynamics & contrasts between team members. People will learn how their own unique strengths add value to the team, how powerful partnerships within the team can accelerate performance and how they can work better together. 

3. Leadership Trajectory

Managers have a disproportionate impact on organizational outcomes; they influence at least 70% of your employees’ engagement. The modern workplace expects and demands that managers act less like a traditional boss and more like a transformational coach. This can be quite a challenge, as no individual demands the same approach. The leadership Trajectory is focused on individual coaching for managers followed by a Strengths-based leadership training. We make sure every manager is able to identify and develop their own strengths as a leader, being the best leader they can possible be. Practical tips & tricks and insights in what to do or -not to do to managing certain strengths & motivation levels will help them identify the best approach for every individual in their team.

4. Integrate Strengths into performance management & internal systems

We will help you adopt the strengths-based approach throughout every part of the employee life cycle. We’ll take a look at your current HR systems and rhythms considering goal setting, feedback & performance appraisals and help you embed the strengths-based approach within your performance management. This will help & support your managers in their strengths-based leadership in a simple & effective way.

5. Assurance

We highly value a good assurance, because it ensures the transformation to truly working strengths-based. We offer different kinds of follow-up, tailored to your specific needs.

Examples of different services for good assurance of the strengths-based way of working are: 

  • Training an internal ambassador of the strengths-based approach.
  • Executive coaching – to make sure the leadership doesn’t only support a strengths-based way of working. They actually lead by example. 
  • Leadership trainings tailored to specific theme’s. For example a training on how to provide the best performance appraisals.
  • Recap // Follow up // Intervision – Team meetings on the strengths-based way of working. Full day or only morning/ afternoon.
  • Incompany Traineeship – unleash your superpower – to attract & retain top talent. 


The investment for an organizational Trajectory is dependent on the scale of the company and the duration on the trajectory. We would love to make a customized offer that matches your needs.