How do you attract & retain star talent?

How do you attract & retain star talent?

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Imagine a talented new employee coming in full of energy and excitement to be successful in her new role. Highly engaged and motivated to perform. But after a few weeks, this employee starts to feel the role is not exactly what she expected and she’s also not entirely sure what is expected of her. The pressure is high and there’s not a lot of time for guidance. She needs to figure out a lot of things by herself.

Months have passed and her manager has good conversations with her about what to improve. Meanwhile, her energy is leaking, she feels pressured to perform but she doesn’t know how to be successful. The value she’s adding isn’t recognized, mostly by herself. Mainly because she’s not experiencing the energy and satisfaction you could get from playing to your strengths at work. She’s not feeling good about her current situation and has one foot out the door looking for new opportunities. The company is about to lose a talented professional within the first year of employment.

What would happen if this employee would be encouraged to invest in her talents & strengths?

What if she had the chance to go on a personal development journey with a group of peers to help each other unleash their full potential? All eager to learn & grow together. Encouraging each other to do more of what they’re great at. All of them excited to boost their careers, and help each other be successful within this company. 

➙What do you think would happen?

I’m guessing she would be way more effective, because she knows how to play to her strengths to achieve goals and manage her weaknesses. She’d be more collaborative and able to ask for help when necessairy. She would be happier with her job and experience more satisfaction & fulfillment. And she would definitely not have one foot out the door. 

Instead she’d be openly expressing her enthusiasm and dedication. She would be an ambassador for her company and attract new star talent

Contact us if you want to know more about a strengths-based incompany traineeship for young professionals to attract and retain star talent. 

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