3 factors that make coaching sessions a success

3 factors that make coaching sessions a success

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Coaching individuals, teams and organizations is what we at Strengths Consultancy love to do most. No matter how strong a person, a team or an organization is, there is always room for development and improvement. However, this progression is not achieved just like that, it often requires coaching sessions. With attention and the right way of coaching, we can make a big difference. So how exactly does that work?

We think it is important that we as coaches have the same goal as the client. During our coaching sessions, there is a strong belief in mutual capacity, a good relationship between the client and coach is important. We work together to achieve the common main goal, what we think is the best thing about our work. We would like to share 3 overlapping factors that make coaching sessions successful.

1. Having mutual goals

It may sound obvious, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is important that the coach and the client are aligned with regard to the trajectory goals. We would like to clarify this in the example below:

For example, someone with a top job or top position may come to a session because he or she wants to work on stress management. They need to upgrade their performance even more and take it to the next level. They want our help with the stress management part. So what they don’t want is us saying “do less because this way you reduce stress”, in fact: this is the last thing they want. The client expects us to give him or her the tools to grow and not to give up. We look at how we can do that, how stress can be better managed and how the best goals can be achieved. This is very different from discouraging someone because that person’s schedule is packed. Naturally, this does not alter the fact that we recognize the pitfalls of high-functioning people. That is why it is important that we as coaches know the potential of our clients very well and help them learn new strong skills. Transparent discussions ensure the best results, we work together on the common goal and that means 100% progress.

2. Having mutual faith in each other’s ability

Point 2 overlaps with point 1. So it is important that the coach and client are aligned on the goals. This alone is not sufficient. Alignment is nice, but the coach is not sufficient enough when he or she only agrees with the goals. The coach is meant to believe in the goals being reasonable and the client’s ability to achieve them. In the worst case, you will meet a coach who does not recognize your strengths. However, this is a lack of them and that says nothing about your potential and goals. That is why it’s important that the client also takes a critical look at the coach. Does the coach have guts? Does he or she know what she’s talking about? Does his or her energy appeal to you and do you feel that this is helpful to you? There is nothing wrong with a critical eye, because we are talking about optimizing your life here. We move forward instead of standing still and that requires different thoughts and actions. Of course, this does not mean that you and your coach are pursuing the same individual life goals, but mutual belief in each other’s ability (when pursuing goals) is very important.

3. Connections make the difference

It is a mismatch if you and the coach do not agree on the feasibility of goals or if the coach does not help you sufficiently. In this case you can say that the relationship is not optimal to generate success. We therefore find it very important to really invest in our clients. We want them to feel better and comfortable with us. We live for your growth and prosperity and therefore see no reason for stagnation ourselves. Of course, the connection one person has with another person is always different. Some connections are simply better than others. That’s life and that’s okay. This is also one of the reasons why our team consists of several coaches. In this way we make coaching suitable for the person in question, but also for the coach. Because only then is the investment in coaching the most valuable investment ever. Nothing makes us happier and we know you will too.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? We are very happy to help you as an individual, team or organization!

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